Morepork visits

night time surprise

Had a friend visit the other day and we took him out to our deck overlooking the bush. Then we noticed a morepork was calling in the tree right next to the deck. We shone a torch on him and got a very close view of this beautiful owl. He squawked at us, probably a bit miffed we were interrupting his night-time hunt, and then flew off.

We hear them every night but have never seen them close up, it was a fantastic welcome to the Coromandel for our friend.The Morepork does a squawky impression of the kiwi call, as well as its distinctive ‘Morepork’ call.

But we have also had it confirmed by Moehau Environmental Group that there are Kiwi on Preeces Point, so we know there are male and female kiwi out there, we just have to try and protect them from predators.